Anna Whitener

Justin and I met freshmen year of college in our first class of the year. After our class ended he searched facebook to find a way to get in touch with me. The romance began as he pursued me for the next year and a half. My eyes grew with love toward him as we played the preschool game of teasing each other. We both loved pranking and our friends loved the show. We spent the next few months showing our affection through water balloon fights, car tagging and back and forth it went. I am still not sure who you might say "won" but it eventually ended and we began a true dating relationship. After our first real date at Taco Bell (college budget) he professed that he would like to pursue me for marriage. The day came when he would ask me to be his wife while shooting a bow and arrow... totally Justin. I loved the surprise as I was clueless. Of course I said YES, and the rest is history!

Our Story

Our love grew deeper and we decided we would grow our family. It didn't take us long as I was pregnant after being married 5 months. I knew I always wanted to be a mom and I could not wait. First came Charlee June, our bug loving, adventure seeking, goofy face making, first born girl. Next  came Paislee Rae, our tutu wearing, pink loving, read headed, brainiac, girly girl. Third came Jurnee Grace, our blond haired, introverted, rain boot wearing, pretty girl. Rubee Belle is our class clown, on the move, sister adoring, snuggle buddy baby girl. Fifth came our angel baby who we only had the pleasure of loving a short week. We believe baby number 5 is a boy. He lives with his heavenly Father and we all can't wait to meet him someday. Sixth came our rainbow baby little Beau Hunter or "Beau Man" as the girls have so adoringly named him. He is the sweetest baby you will ever met. With the biggest blue eyes and crooked teeth, he will meet you with laughter and a smile every time. He is on the move most of the time, exploring is surrounding and being curious about everything. He loves to watch his big sisters play and I am sure he just cant wait to join them in the chase!

Our Kiddos

My second shooter IS my best friend and sister or your videographer, Beka has so many talents and is wonderfully gifted. Beka and I have been a team since the day she was born. I have loved and adored her since the day I knew how to say her name and now I have the privilege to work side by side with her doing what we LOVE to do. I adore getting to spend these hours at weddings with her. Now that she is married we don't see each other as often as we used to, so getting to spend these wedding days with her means so much to me, and is something I will always cherish. I think we make a great team. She is always giving me encouragement throughout the wedding day as well as constructive criticism, as she knows just how important it is to me that we get everything perfect for our clients. While I am the big picture person, making sure we capture everything that the bride has asked for, she is great at the details and special moments that we might not have thought of.  If you hire her to be your videographer, you will LOVE the outcome! Being able to relive your wedding day through an artistic eye like Beka's is magical and one you will not want to miss out on!

Our Team

We can't wait to learn more about your wedding or event!