Anna Whitener

My journey with photography evolved from my creative bent… starting with styling hair as a teenager, owning a small craft business as a young married, to purchasing a $300 camera to treasure the memories with my first born. My photography knowledge began with a high school photography class with an old film camera. I later taught myself how to use a digital camera and from there my desire and love for this craft grew. I began taking pictures of families and children, trying to build my portfolio and figuring out what in the world I was doing with this very technical piece of equipment. I was introduced to weddings five years ago when a friend trusted me to photograph his daughter’s wedding. It was my first wedding and I was hooked! Thinking back to my own wedding, I want to give couples more than what I received. I want to create a relationship that will last a lifetime and gain new friends who will keep in touch and trust me to capture a day that cannot be redone.

Now, as a wedding photographer, I am able to provide an experience that will never be forgotten and create timeless images that will be passed down from generation to generation. The time I spend with couples to learn about their vision is vital. Together we talk about the day they want to create. I also want couples to know that I am there for them as more than a wedding photographer and they can rest assured that I can handle tough situations and make sure we are all on task; to help calm nerves and to encourage them that this will be the best day of their lives! I think of how these couples might sit with their grandchildren one day sharing precious memories about their special day. 

I am thankful for the love I have for people and photography… the life giving elements of both and the privilege of sharing that with you.

I share life with my best friend, our four beautiful girls and one sweet boy. My passion for photography – capturing the once in a lifetime moments, is second only to my love for Jesus and my family.

I am the photographer you call when you want to savor the moments… those special memories that you’ll want to re-live, like Mom and sister helping the bride get ready, brothers duking it out as they help each other with their ties, Dad taking a first look at his “little girl” in her wedding dress, chaos and shenanigans with the bridal party, the groom patiently (maybe a little anxiously) anticipating his love walking down the aisle, the first kiss, the first dance… It is a time of magnificent proportion that can never be re-done, but one that I want to capture for you to remind you of the awe and wonder that was your day!

I'm a wedding and family photographer, wife, and homeschooling momma to 5. Dr. Pepper is my number one beverage choice, crocheting is what I'll be doing in my free time, I rock out to Jesus music every chance I get and it's a rare sight to see me without earrings on. I can't wait to get to know you! 

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